Ravenna promotes the third edition of the international festival of contemporary mosaic RavennaMosaico due on 2013 from 12th October to 23th November.

RavennaMosaico presents itself as a showcase of the best contemporary productions and offers thoughts on the vocation of the city, in the light of the candidature of Ravenna as European Capital of Culture for 2019. The event will involve the entire city and cultural institutions in a program dedicated to the contemporary mosaic, proposing in the most beautiful places of the historical center, exhibitions of artists from around the world, urban installations, performances, concerts, conferences, workshops, meetings, and guided tours.

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GAEM – Young Artists and Mosaic

Deadline of the GAEM Youg Artist and Mosaic Prize has been extended up to 28 May 2013.

Here you can find the notice of competition and the registration form updated

Mosaic’s biennium of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna

Mosaic’s biennium of the
Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna
Learning mosaic in the mosaic’s city

Do you have an academic degree?
Mosaic’s biennium offers an unique training: creativity and research of contemporary mosaic, with infinite possibilities for architecture, decoration, design and restoration of contemporary mosaics. You will have job opportunities in collaboration with architects in urban design’s projects or making objects of design. The biennium is based on mosaic’s workshop, contemporary mosaic restoration, workshops hold by artists as micromosaic sticked on jewellery, or as the one is about the environmental development of mosaic intervention.

• From the deep knowledge of materials to the environmental mosaic design;
• jewellery design and micromosaic;
• contemporary mosaic restoration and workshops of old mosaic restoration;
• integration with architecture.

Stages. Students can have workshops in mosaic’s laboratories in Italy and outside.
Partnership. Entrance to cultural exhibitions and public shows as: Mosaic’s biennale, Gold night Event, GAEM young artists and mosaics competition, Fondazione Ravennantica, CIDM international mosaic documentation centre, MAR.
Registration fees per year are 475 euro.

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To call the direction of the  International Association of Contemporary  Mosaicists AIMC :
tel/fax +39 0544 215004 –  tel. +39 0544 482766 or  cell.+39 366 3616369
Or write an email to the following address: info@aimcinternational.com
For info on the International Festival of Contemporary Mosaic RavennaMosaico: tel/fax +39 0544 215004  - tel.+39 0544 482766 – from 9.30 to 12.30 from Monday to Friday
or Comune di Ravenna +39 0544 482628



International Contemporary Mosaic Art Exibition 

©WA Worldartist Art Culture and People, Perseo Jewelry School Firenze, AGT and AIMC are pleased to invite the members of the association and not only,   to propose their own works for exhibitions that illustrate the relationship between the mosaic and the city, under the theme “Mosaic Reflections ” and to participate in the finalists’ exhibition at the Palazzo Esposizioni Comunale, where the Award ©MUSIWArt will be granted. The event will involve 1) exhibition spaces of the Metropolitan Area of Florence in a path dedicated to the contemporaneity of the  mosaic art and 2) the finalists’ exhibition, the ”Premio Internazionale ©MUSIWArt”, which will take place at the Galleria of the Palazzo Esposizioni Comunale, Florence.
We, therefore, invite you to fill out a request for participation and send it together with a brief description of your  activity, until March 30th, 2013. Artists from all over the world may participate with a maximum number of three artworks.

Venues: Florence (Palazzo Esposizioni Comunale) and Metropolitan area of Florence (Impruneta – Lastra a Signa – Pontassieve)

Dates: From June 1st till July 15th. Exhibitions  ©MUSIWA (Metropolitan area of Florence – Impruneta – Lastra a Signa – Pontassieve). From July 5th till July 16th. Palazzo Esposizioni Comunale Exhibition of  Premio ©MUSIWArt Finalists, Florence.

OpenCall for participation click here

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Tendenza Mosaico 2013 Pordenone Call for participation

Here you can find the call for participation for the Fourth Prize for Mosaic And Architecture





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AIMC’s 13th Congress – Cyprus

Dear Members of AIMC,

From the 28th to the 30th of September 2012 the AIMC’s International Congress took place in the city of Athienou, Cyprus, at the Congress Palace of the city (also known as Callinikeio’s Museum), under the executive presidency of Soula Christou.
More than one hundred and twenty people attended the event; among them artists, archaeologists, experts of Mosaic and Cypriot school teachers.
During the 3-day-Congress, 36 speakers presented their works. The scene was dominated by: the works of the Contemporary Mosaic artists, the mosaics presented  at the second edition of “Ravenna Mosaico”, the mosaics exposed at the “First International Prize for Young Artists and Mosaic of Ravenna”, the themes based on the ancient mosaics of the Island, and, last but not least, the educational programs followed by Cypriot Schools.
Whilst Congress works  took place, Cyprus also had the greatest pleasure of hosting a Mosaic Exhibition, joined by several artists coming from all over the world.
During AIMC’s General Assembly, which followed the Congress,  the Chairman of the Association, Mr. Manfred Hoehn, resigned from presidency, after having held this position for 12 years; he moreover presented a final report through which he focussed on the highlights of all the activities that were carried out during his chairmanship.
The Chairman himself, as well as showing great satisfaction for Cyprus’ Congress of Mosaicists, enthusiastically approved the election of Nikos Tolis as AIMC’s new Chairman.. Mr. Tolis is Greek, and comes from Athens; he is an accomplished mosaicist and studied in the city of Ravenna, Italy, for a very long period during which he considerably deepened the knowledge of the Italian language.
Besides that, Nikos was the executive President of the  last Congress held in Athens, a role for which he gained much acclaim.
Finally, by the initiative of  Soula Christou to organise the Congress in Cyprus and by the significant number of  local artists and academics who participated, it became obvious the interest for the mosaic art in the Island, an interest  which increases constantly the last years.
We wish to sincerely thank all the people who got involved in the whole organizational process for their efforts, as well as for their warm hospitality!

Rosanna Fattorini

Words of farewell as AIMC president

Dear members of the AIMC, dear mosaic friends

There is an old proverb: Everything has its time. So also my time as president of the AIMC came up after 12 years in charge in order to hand over this responsible task into younger hands.

Almost 12 years ago surprisingly I was entrusted with the presidency by Isotta Fiorentini, the heart and pivot of our association. It was an unusual critical situation of AIMC’s existence, because she was totally overcharged by handling almost all functions as temporary president, as secretary, as promoter and as clamp to keep together the members from round the world. But by her advanced age and by major health problems she was compelled to stop these activities. So she made an urgent phone call to me with the request to take over the presidency in order to continue the AIMC activities in the future. As an inexperienced man and after some hesitation I said yes, not knowing what exhausting tasks I had in front of me which were bound up with huge offerings of time and also of money!

It wasn’t easy for me to follow the footprints of such an energetic and esteemed person like Isotta Fiorentini. She was a Ravenna citizen who knew best so many people there, of course also being well versed in the political and social doings and power structures in order to obtain always the best conditions to the favour of the AIMC. All these given factors ,as foreigner I couldn’t posses for my new task, but gradually it was possible to enter into the secrets of AIMC practises. However once again very difficult years came up caused by the passive and indifferent behaviour of Ravenna’s AIMC members, so that sometimes I was on the point to give up! The danger of a complete dissolution was given, or the alternative was on hand to look for a new head quarter seat in an other location in Italy. But this didn’t happen by the engagement of a hand full courageous people and good friends who encouraged me to continue my way to form and to handle AIMC activities furtheron. These people were willing to take over a certain responsibility to help in managing the ongoing works in our office. In parallel to this willingness and by the readiness from the Ravenna community side it was found a common solid beneficial agreement, so that it was possible to stay in Ravenna and to build up again a stable administration to our full contentment.

So at the end of my presidency I’m proud in a certain extent in having been of one of the co-founders of the AIMC and almost 12 years its president. Herewith I want to express my thanks to all who gave supports to our association in all concerns. Fact is that our AIMC is best known and recognised as unique international mosaic association of contemporary mosaic, and thus it has fully served its purpose for the further development and promotion of contemporary mosaic world wide.

In this way I want to invite you to support the new directory, the counsellor board, and especially the new elected president Nikos Tolis who surely will direct our association with new ideas and actions into an auspicious future. I personally promised to give him my full assistance for all challenges which might come up to make it easier to find his own way in leading the AIMC successfully.

Once again deep thanks to you all for your trust and benevolence in these past years.


Manfred Hoehn

AIMC 2012 Congress Cyprus



13th International AIMC Conference of Contemporary Mosaic

Athienou –Cyprus
“Cyprus as bridge of cultures”

28th September to October 6th incl. sightseeing tour
Athienou, an old city, one of the oldest settlement next to Larnaca.